Real-time AI video monitoring and analytics for the modern workplace.

Real-time emergency prevention and AI monitoring

Detect crossing restricted or dangerous zones.

Remote Monitoring as a Service.

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Send us an example of actual footage from any of your sites and get summary report with AI analysis.

Convert any human activity into data and stats

Build a map of when, where, and who is doing which activity.

Worker efficiency dashboards

Track how much time workers spending on each operation.

Leverage existing CCTV or install Cherry sensors

Mobile cameras



Use movable Cherry Sensors which are proprietary cameras optimized for AI algorithms and privacy. Ideal for temporarily deployed teams and rapidly changing environments.

Mounted or existing CCTV cameras

Cherry is able to use existing infrastructure, work with outdoor vandal proof cameras. Cherry Sensors may be also installed permanently in most types of facilities.

Cherry Labs

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Human and AI working together for an efficient and safer workplace.

Cherry Pro employs best-in-class AI models along with human validation by our operators. Impressive 97.6% accuracy of tracking and recognition is achieved on average.

Several companies from Fortune 500 already use Cherry Pro technology. 

We work with existing CCTV infrastructure or our own sensors to build a safer and more efficient work environment together.

Industrial Safety and Health Engineering solutions. Make sure that individuals wear security apparel (PPE) like helmets, goggles, caps etc. Detects abnormal precursor events and a wide range of incidents in real-time.

Automatic machine operations controls for a wide set of industries – metals, pulp and paper, rubber and plastics, auto shredding and more. Assess and improve the production environment for all staff on plants, especially machine operators.


Detect and alert when individuals enter a restricted or hazardous area. Monitor workers performing necessary activities, gestures, head movements etc. when operating a machine. Automatically EMC informing system in case of an accident.

Oil and gas

Detect most inefficient operations and see real working hours.

Build workplace heatmaps.

Detect and prevent falls and injuries.

Automatically fill-in inspection checklists. 

Compliance/Wearing proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Predict behavior, detect anomalies and prevent accidents.

Recognize workers by face, clothing or body parameters.

Get real numbers how an effective worker differs from an inefficient one.

Lower costs for supervisory personnel by at least 20%

Save budgets on HSE, safety inspections and employees insurance

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Telemedicine with Cherry Home

Leverage our experience of working with several Nursing Homes, Regional Centers and home care agencies on protecting seniors from emergencies and improving their quality of life. With Cherry Home we have analyzed more that 250,000 hours of live streams and saved at least 5 lives of elders.

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